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Local produce is the cornerstone of our bakery — Amongst our ingredients, flour is, of course, central, and understanding its journey is pivotal in creating exceptional artisanal sourdough breads and pastries.

Our core value is knowledge therefore we chat with the farmers that farm our wheat and speak to the millers that mill our grains. We take the time to understand all of these little processes, that began from a sprouting plant.


With that knowledge behind us, we use our own hands to craft small batches of naturally-leavened breads and pastries for your delight. We love sharing this with you, our community. And through your support, we, in turn, take care of you..


We're closed for pre-orders while we're getting ready to open our new cafe'

Pre-orders will be open again on 1 July, for collection from the cafe'


How it works

As a 'team of two,' we do it all, from sourcing the best ingredients, to baking our breads and pastries and delivering them.


We've designed an ordering system and delivery schedule, which ensures we can deliver our freshly baked sourdough products to you as efficiently as possible. 

Open for orders 09h00 on Monday

  • Our delivery days are​

    • Ⓦednesday — Hout Bay & Llandudno 

    • Ⓣhursday — Camps Bay & Upper City Bowl

    • Ⓕriday  — Hout Bay & Ruyteplaats

    • Ⓢaturday — Hout Bay & Llandudno

  • On each of these days, we deliver to different areas at different times — Details below.

Choose your delivery day according to your location from the selection below, and if you are not home during these times, then please contact us to arrange for collection.

Monthly orders

To arrange monthly standing orders, paid monthly in advance, please WhatsApp us on +27 79 874 0273.

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Hout Bay 10h00 - 12h30

Llandudno 10h15 - 10h45

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Camps Bay 10h30 - 11h30

Upper City Bowl 11h30 - 12h30

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Hout Bay 10h00 - 12h30

Ruyteplaats 10h15 - 10h45

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Hout Bay 10h00 - 12h30

Llandudno 10h15 - 10h45


Our story

South Yeaster Bakery is an artisanal sourdough bakery run by brother & sister team, Brode and Amber. Often referred to as 'humble beginnings', Brode and Amber call it 'flowing with the times' allowing them to mould their decisions and steer them towards organically growing the bakery into the business they envisioned.


Both qualified chefs, they embarked on their respective journeys with plans on entering different areas of the international culinary world. The French & German winters were too cold for Brode, and the UAE was too hot for Amber, so they found themselves back on home soil, in windy Cape Town. And decided to venture into what they knew best together.


Finding themselves caught in a 'lockdown', they set to work, testing, researching, sampling a lot and have grown into what they are today...a dirty bread cult.